Graphic wedges

I bought these wedge sandals last autumn, at the flea market and never got the chance to wear them. Still can't because the sandals weather is not here yet, but I decided to get them ready for the mid summer and make them more interesting and color the rope wedge.

This is again one of those tutorial that is not quite a tutorial because it's so easy. It's more an idea, but you still need some supplies:

Before you start, you should really work in a well ventilated area. I found myself a little woozy when I was done from the permanent markers.

1. Try the markers on a paper and find the perfect combination for you
2. Start coloring the wedge, creating a pattern; be creative!

Now pamper your feet in these crazy beauties!


Sunday Smoothie: Avocado & Banana

After a couple of crazy combos it is time to get back to a classic. So this Sunday we have the avocado and banana smoothie. One thing I discovered drinking this one is that the avocado really enhances the banana. So you won't feel the avocado very but, but rather a buttery banana taste

Ingredients: 1 avocado chopped, 1 banana, 1 cup sweet yogurt, 2 tablespoons honey

Enjoy your Sunday,

Beaded Fringe

I'm sorry for my absence last week, but I had a long vacation around the country, spending the Easter Holiday with our families. And although I had tons of relaxation, I missed DIY-ing, so here I am with new summer tutorials.

I got inspired for these shorts by Bershka's summer collection. I found these in a shop but I thought they were too expensive for something I can do myself.

So I grabbed my newly cut shorts and all the supplies, which are just two things actually, and got to work.

1. First take a pair of jeans shorts or make one yourself. Just cut some old jeans. Then thread the needle and using the side seams for guidance insert the needle at the top of the seam, right below waistline
2. Than pick up on the needle the bead combo. I used white, yellow and gold, arranging them in an ombre effect, but of course you can choose any colors you want. Insert the needle through the beads again, except the first one which will be used as a stopper.
3. Again, using the side seam as a guideline, pull the needle all the way through the fabric until the beads reach the jeans
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you cover the whole side seam

And now just shake it!


Sunday Smoothie: After Eight

Do you like After Eight chocolates? You know that crazy good chocolate mint combo? Well, I thought I could make a smoothie out of that mix. And you know what? It turned out quite delicious. Now I know I could have just mixed some After Eights with some milk and make a smoothie, but here we try to keep it as healthy as possible so here's what I've used:
Va place ciocolata After Eight? Stiti, combinatia aia extraordinar de buna de ciocolata cu menta? Ei bine, m-am gandit ca as putea face un smoothie din ea. Si stiti ce? A iesit chiar foarte bun. Acum, stiu ca as fi putut sa  amestec direct niste After Eight cu lapte si sa fac un smoothie, dar aici incercam sa pastram ingredientele cat de cat sanatoase deci iata ce am folosit:

Ingredients: 80g 85% dark chocolate, 10-12 mint leaves, 2 spoons honey, 1 cup sweet yogurt
Ingrediente: 80g ciocolata neagra 85%, 10-12 frunze de menta, 2 linguri de miere, 1 cana de iaurt dulce

Enjoy your Sunday!
Duminica placuta!

Sunday Smoothie: Crazy Nuts

As I said last week, I am trying to find new ingredients to mix in my Sunday Smoothies, so this Sunday is crazy nuts time. This smoothie is insanely good because it is full of nuts and seeds and it will sure boost your day. It's rich, creamy and oh so good!
Asa cum am spus saptamana trecuta, incerc sa gasesc noi ingrediente pe care sa le amestec in smoothie-urile mele, asa ca in aceasta duminica e momentul nucilor. Acest smoothie e incredibil de bun pentru ca e plin de nuci si seminte care iti vor da un boost pentru intreaga zi. E cremos si consistent si atat de buuun!

Ingredients: 2 spoonfuls peanut butter, 1/4 cup raw almonds, 1/4 walnuts, 1 spoon flax seeds, 1 spoon goji berry, 1 spoon honey, 1 cup almond milk
Ingrediente: 2 linguri cu varf de unt de arahide, 1/4 cana migdale crude, 1/4 cana nuci, 1 lingura seminte de in, 1 lingura goji, 1 lingura miere, 1 cana lapte de migdale

Ready for a new day? Enjoy it!
Sunteti gata pentru o noua zi? Bucurati-va de ea!

Faux Turquoise

I am in love with big leather cuffs adorned with gem stones. They look so bohemian and the combo leather-stone feels so earthy. Of course, these are hard to find for little money so I needed to come up with a cheaper solution, something like this:

OK, I know it doesn't actually resemble a turquoise stone, but it still looks cool and considering how easy it is to make and quite cheap, I say it's a success.

Here are the secret ingredients:

1. cabochons, or you can use buttons or anything dome shaped; 2. faux leather; 3. nail polish: black, gold and crackle turquoise this one is very important because it's the one that will give the gem effect; 4. snap button; 5. snap pliers; 6. pencil; 7. scissors; 8. paper; 9. glue

I know there are many steps but they are very easy and I just used more photos to make myself clear.

So here we go:
1. create your cuff pattern on paper; be creative, choose any shapes you want as long as your cabochons fit in
2. create only half a pattern, than fold in the middle and cut, this way your bracelet will be symmetric
3. trace the pattern on the back side of your faux leather
4. cut the shape
5. make another one
6. trace the cabochons shapes on one of the leather pieces and then trace circles inside them 1mm smaller
7. cut the smaller circles out
8. apply black nail polish on your cabochons, let dry, than ad dabs of gold nail polish, let dry
9. apply turquoise crackle nail polish and let dry completly
10. seal everything with top coat
11. while the cabochons dry it is time to add other embellishments if you want; I added some studs, of course on the cutouts piece
12. glue the cabochons on the piece of leather that is not cut out
13. apply glue generously on the whole piece of leather
14. press the two sides together and hold a few minutes, until the glue dries
15. using the pliers, add a snap button
16. round the ends of the cuff

You did it! And it looks pretty awesome! Now fill your wrists with these cuffs in many more colors :)


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