Shourouk inspired rhinestone necklace

Remember when I said that rhinestones are the next craze? I meant it. From trench coats to clutches, from necklaces to ear cuffs, they are everywhere making our world sparkling with every step. Of course I couldn't let the season pass by without a rhinestone jewelry and inspired by Shourouk and the pantone spring 2014 color, dazzling blue, I created this gorgeous necklace.

And because I'm a nice gal, I did a DIY for you guys. So get your tools and supplies:

1. pvc foil; 2. rhinestones; 3. medium thick cord; 4. two large jump rings; 5. two grommets; 6. two end caps for the cord; 7. one large lobster clasp; 8. wire; 9. pliers; 10. grommets pliers; 11. puncher; 12. scissors; 13. glue

And let's get started. Don't be afraid of the many steps illustrated, it's actually much easier than it seems:

1. take the rhinestones and lay them out as you wish your final piece to look, on a flat surface
2. put a generous amount of glue on a sheet of paper and using a toothpick, start applying glue on the back of a rhinestone
3. than place it on the PVC foil in the same place
4. repeat that for every rhinestone, recreating the same layout on the PVC foil, than let dry over night
5. take the scissor and cut the PVC around your rhinestones leaving a 3-5mm edge; at both ends leave an extra 1-2 cm
6. punch a hole in the PVC on both extra ends
7. add a grommet in each hole
8. add the jump rings
* if your end caps already have a hoop you can skip steps 9-10
9. wrap some wire around one end of the cord, leaving a 2 cm tail
10. put some glue in the end cap and insert the cord wrapped in wire in the cap
11. with the extra wire, create a hoop and attach the cord to the jump ring
12. repeat the steps for the other end of the cord, but this time attach the lobster clasp to the hoop to make the closure

Isn't it fabulous? I just love it and I want to wear it with everything. So if you want to look glamorous and trendy without spending a few hundreds dollars, than go get your supplies and make it for yourself.


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