Sunday Smoothie: Blackcurrant

Did you ever know there are so many berries in the world? Some of them even poisonous? (of course I'm not going to blend some of those today). Having grandparents in the countryside it is very easy for me to get access to all those types and fortunately we are in full berries season. Today: blackcurrant. They have a high content of vitamin C, potassium and iron and a very strong flavor which can be settled with some extra honey. Would you try them in a smoothie?

Ingredients: one banana chopped, one cup blackcurrant, one cup sweet yogurt, 2 spoons honey

Enjoy your Sunday!

His Bracelet

I suppose all my readers are women, or at least 90% of them. But if you are a male reading this or you're a gal that wants to surprise her better half, I have a perfect tutorial for you.
We've seen ladies with arm candies all over the place but now it is time for the cool guys to show of their wrists. So we are going to make a bracelet suitable for men.

You'll need a few supplies:

1. a piece of leather big enough to wrap it around the wrist; 2. a ribbon with some cool patter; 3. cotton or leather chord in a complementary color; 4.scissors; 5.glue + (not pictured above) ruler, pencil and a hole puncher.

Here we go:

1. measure your wrist and cut a stripe of leather of that length and as wide as your ribbon.
2. cut the ribbon 2 cm shorter and place it in the middle of the leather stripe
3. fold the leather ends over the ribbon and use some glue to fix them there
4. punch a small hole on both ends; if you don't have a puncher you can do this with scissors or a metal nail
5. pass the chord through one hole, from front to back
6. then wrap the cord a few times around the leather+ribbon piece
7. repeat the wrapping in the center and on the other end of the bracelet
8. use a square knot to make a sliding clasp

So what do you think. I bet he'll love it just because it's made by you, but it will also look so so cool stacked with other bracelets.


Sunday Smoothie: Mulberries

Have you ever tried a mulberry? No, not the bag, although they are quite some pieces. I am talking about those black or white berries with a subtle sweet taste. Here, the mulberry trees grown on the side of the road, and in May the sidewalks are covered in a mulberries carpet. I love mulberries so much, they remind me of my early childhood, so I had to make a smoothie with them. I kept it simple because their taste is not that bold and I didn't want to spoil it with other ingredients.

Ingredients: 2 cups mulberries, 1 spoon honey, 1 cup sweet yogurt

Enjoy your Sunday!

Festival Outfits

A month ago I published a list of items you should always have with you at a festival because the best Romanian festival was about to start. Electric Castle was at its first edition and it was magical. The bands, the camping and the insane burgers were excellent. I've been waiting for this festival for so long that when packing time came, I knew exactly what I'll wear in each day:

Apparently, the guys from FlashMe liked my first outfit and took a photo of it. If you like happy, colorful and forever young people you can see more of their festival fashion here. Can't wait for the next one.

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