Rainy Boots

I ran away for a few weeks in a warmer country in hopes to make the summer last longer. And while my journey was not only sunny but extraordinaire, I still had to return at some point and I did it right in the middle of autumn, in full rain season. So I had to prepare a few pieces to keep me dry: a plastic raincoat and a pair of rubber boots. By now you should be really familiar with my "stud everything" motto, so these boots didn't escape the puncher either. I know it's not much, but I transformed these lame black worker boots in a cute pair of rock'n'roll rain boots.

Tools: rubber boots, puncher and studs, a ruler and a marker


1. take a ruler and marker and mark down where you want to place your studs
2. punch a hole over every mark you did
3. insert the studs in the holes

I didn't have enough studs so I left a few holes open, I think it still looks pretty cool.

So let the rain fall, I'm not scared of it anymore! Are you?

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