3 Rhinestones Bracelet

Thank God for rhinestones! Rhinestones are the new spikes so I must warn you, there are going to be a lot of sparkly DIY's this winter. And if you can afford it, I suggest using Swarovski as much as possible. Their colors and sparkles are to die for.  We are going to start slow and easy with a little delicate bracelet:

You'll need:

1. three 8mm round rhinestones; 2. 1mm nylon cord; 3. a lighter

1. you need to cut the nylon cord in two pieces of 30cm long and another two of 1 meter long; take the small cords and tie them at one end with a simple knot
2. string the three rhinestones on the two cords and place them in the middle; tie the other ends of the small cords together and place your work on a flat surface; you can fix everything in place with some tape
3. take one long nylon cord and tie it around the two central cords, as close to the rhinestones as possible; using the macrame square knot technique (beadaholique has a great tutorial for it here) make the first half of your bracelet
4. when you knotted about 7cm, cut the loose ends leaving about 1mm of cord
5. using your lighter as carefully as possible, melt the 1mm end
6. with the side of the lighter press the melted end on the last knot; this way you will seal it; repeat this step for the other loose end
7. repeat steps 3-6 for the other half of the bracelet
8. for the sliding closure you will use the same square knot; overlap the two ends of the bracelet and start knotting around them, about 1cm or as much as you need to make the bracelet fit your wrist

Trust me, it's much easier then it looks. It takes less than half an hour to make a bracelet like this and you can do them in every color you like, using different shapes for rhinestones. Than you just stack them and let them shine!

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