Woven Chain Necklace

I know this trend started more a year ago when Aurelie Bidermann introduced them and I know everybody did a DIY about it, but I still see it around so I had to make my DIY version as well. These woven chunky chain necklaces/bracelets are very versatile and they fit a casual look as much as a more elegant, evening one. But my version has some punk accents because...well, it's made by me :) So here it is:

You are going to need:

1. chunky chain 45cm/18in; 2. six strands of t-shirt yarn 85cm/35in; 3. a lobster claps; 4. large jump ring
*some extra embellishments(spikes, charms, chain)

1. attach the lobster clasp to the chain using the jump ring, than tie the six strands of t-shirt yarn with a simple knot, separate them in three sections and place them next to the chain on a flat surface
2. start braiding the t-shirt yarn, always passing the left section through each chain link; use a bobby pin to pass the yarn through the link
3. continue braiding along the whole chain
4. tie another knot at the end of the chain and you're done

This is the simple version.
You can keep it like this or you can go further and attach more stuff:

This was pretty easy, right? I like to wear it with a t-shirt and a blazer, but I bet it looks great with an evening dress too. Give it a try and let my know how it turned out and how would you style it!

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