DIY Celine Berlingot Clutch

When I saw this clutch hitting all the fashion blogs around the world I had three thoughts:
1. I need to have this
2. this clutch is so smart
3. I can make this!

This is the original:

And it's so easy that everyone can do it. I had some fake fur around the house so I decided to go for the mink version, but if you don't have much experience with sewing maybe try with some lighter fabric or even a soft leather/pleather.
Here's what you need:

1. a piece of fabric 43x30cm, 2. two 20 cm zippers; 3. pins; sewing machine or thread & needle
Here are the steps:

1. sew the shorts sides of the fabric together, right sides facing
2. pin one zipper on one of the edges
3. sew the zipper and turn the bag on the right side to make sure everything is in place
4. turn your work wrong side out again and pin the other zipper on the other side, but make sure it's perpendicular on the first zipper; and leave the first zipper open so you can turn out the bag; sew the zipper and you're done!

You've just made your own Celine Berlingot Clutch in less than half an hour! How crazy is that?
And I love this bag so much because as I said it's so clever. You know how every time you're looking for your keys they are at the very bottom of your bag? Well now you just turn your bag upside down and open the other zipper and voila!

Don't forget to post your own version of the Berlingot clutch in the comments below or on the facebook page.

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